Our History

From machine factory to manufacturer of hinges

A brief summary on almost 140 years of Breuer & Schmitz.




Breuer & Schmitz was founded in 1883 as a machine factory in Wald i. Rhineland, today Solingen, founded by Carl Schmitz. The main business initially consisted of supplying the surrounding industry with special machines for metal processing and wire bending, e.g. for umbrellas or women’s handbag hangers. After only a few years, the manufacture of building hardware was also added to the production, from which a specialization in the production of all kinds of hinges developed over the decades.



With increasing demand for hinges, an orientation towards international markets took place at an early stage, which is documented, among other things, by earlier advertisements that appeared in export manuals as early as 1906 and in which products were offered that were mainly used abroad.




After the Second World War, there was a lively demand for traditional window and door hinges as part of the reconstruction in Germany. Activities in the international market and the need for internationally sought-after hinge types also developed steadily, with the company’s own mechanical engineering creating the basis for competitive products.




From the 1960s onwards, as a result of technical change, the demand for improved quality increased. Thanks to improved production processes and new machine technology, Breuer & Schmitz was also able to supply its customers with stainless steel products.



Towards the end of the 70s BSW was among the first in the industry to develop project hinges, a new range of heavy-duty door hinges for public buildings. Being one of the leading manufactures in this segment, Breuer & Schmitz still strives to further develop and expand the programme.




At the beginning of the new millennium BSW has been taken over by today’s owners family, who set up the company for the future. New production techniques have been implemented such as lasercutting and robotics to enhance flexibility and efficiency at the same time.




Having expanded the production possibilities, it was time to add new product lines to the range. Butt hinges with heavy-duty sliding bearings have been successful from start as well as hinges and accessories for all-glass doors.




Adding two 300 ton punch presses from Bruderer to the production capacities, Breuer & Schmitz succeeded in making production even more efficient and flexible.




Breuer & Schmitz has been using 3D printing technology since 2018 for sampling and production components. This process is constantly being expanded.